In Good Hands Chiropractic Center, LLC offers traditional chiropractic techniques, ultrasound, muscle stimulation, massage and nutrition guidance, as well as NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique) which is one of the most effective and non-invasive techniques to help relieve symptoms caused by allergies.

Now offering Light Amplification by Stimulated Emersion of Radiation — Laser therapy.

Some advantages of using low level laser light therapy include:

Some conditions that can be relieved with low level laser light therapy are:

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As part of its diverse and unique practice, the Center provides treatment for the following conditions:

Neck, mid and lower back symptoms • Headaches • Carpal tunnel syndrome • Joint (shoulder, wrist, knee, ankle) problems • Sinus problems • Sports related injuries • Symptoms caused by allergies • Stress • Digestive problems • Fatigue • Insomnia

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“Local residents looking for relief from back pain and other ailments can rest assured they’ll be in good hands with Allison Scharf’s new chiropractic practice.” Princeton Business Journal of The Princeton Packet, March 22, 2005

“Not only have you relieved me of pain due to my spine being out of line, drained my sinuses and relieved terrible headaches, but you have completely desensitized me to some horrible allergies I have been suffering with my entire life.” – D.H.